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Kamille Herbals is a company founded by Hanaan Msallam a home-educating mother of two.

Hanaan studied Bsc (Hons) Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Science at De Montfort University in Leicester and furthered her studies with diploma in practical cosmetic science by one of the leading Cosmetic Chemist Perry Rowmanowski.

Making skincare was always been part of her plan. Her main aim is to create safe, halal, cruelty free and efficacious products that gave real results for people with sensitive skin and for curly hair.

 Hence she specifically chose to study Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Science at university. However, as a cosmetic science student, she learnt that a lot of unnecessary artificial ingredients were added to cosmetic and  pharmaceutical products to merely bulk the products, which may also have unnecessary side effects.

She also learnt that cosmetic products and medicines contained animal ingredients, mainly pork gelatin which many consumers where not aware of.

As a Muslim woman she was really dismayed by this. She wanted to raise awareness and make a difference to everyone who wanted vegetarian, cruelty free or halal personal care products that actually worked and gave real results.

 Hanaan promised not to use or add unnecessary bulky ingredients and more importantly to exclude animal products and alcohol in her products. With this in mind, she set on a quest to start a halal, ethical and cruelty free personal care brand for the conscious consumer like herself. Hence, Kamille Herbals was born.

 All Kamille Herbals the products were created to solve a particular skin or hair issue that her close friends and family suffered from. Keeping this in mind each of our products was born, each with a story behind it, each with high quality ingredients and high performance actives that gave real results. Currently, with a growing fan of clients who love our products and keep coming back for more, we couldn’t have been more grateful. We always put our clients at the Centre of what we do by listening to them and working on bringing more amazing products that our clients are asking us for to solve their particular skin and hair issue.

Treat Yourself Guilt free.

We pledge to donate 15% of our profits to building water wells in area where access to clean and safe water limited. Hence, when you buy from us you will be helping make lives better.

Our Team

We could not have done it without the support of our team.

Hanaan Msallam

Founder and Product Formulator

Tharwa Said

Freelance Photographer

Amne Amin

Mombasa branch Manager

Swabrina Karama

Social Media Marketing & Management

Hashim Hariz

Partner & Logistic Manager

Msallam Khalfan

Creative Photographer

Hussein Swaleh

Website Design & Management

Why Choose Kamille Herbals

Our founder and product formulator has pharmaceutical and cosmetic science degree with further practical cosmetic science training. Being a member of the society of cosmetic science means that we have a network of experienced scientists ready to support and keep up up to date with new innovative ideas.

Our product are uniquely created from scratch, as we don’t merely follow recipes . We formulate our products starting with a theme idea, eg eczema soothing cream with the theme and quality in mind, we then begin to create the product for you, This is called ‘Quality by Design ‘.

Once a formula is successfully created, it is then vigorously tested for stability, microbial count, safety and efficacy. To ensure the products are safe, stable and efficacious.

At Kamille Herbals we love nature that is why we use active herbal and botanical ingredients that are naturally derived and whenever possible, mostly organically sourced.

Our luxurious hair and body products are handmade in small batches or bespoke made to order, concentrated and rich in botanical extracts giving you potent products ensuring a little goes a long way.


We don’t test on animals, all our products are tried and tested by willing human volunteers. Our products ingredients are never sourced from animals making our products halal and suitable for vegetarians.


We aim to minimise packaging and encourage recycling as much as we can. Our products are formulated using high quality herbals/plant extracts sourced from trusted suppliers from around the world. Most of our ingredients are Eco-certified and fair-trade as much as possible. Whenever we can we source our oils directly from the producers hence cutting out the middle man to bring you affordable yet good quality products.


Did you know in some areas of Africa women and children travel miles to source drinking water?

We believe everyone should have access to fresh clean water that is why we are actively involved in helping build wells in underdeveloped countries around the world. We pledge to build at least 10 wells in our first 5 years.  So far with the help of a few sponsors we have managed to fully build one well in Kenya’s south coast region. The water well is currently serving the local mosque, madrassa, nursery and the local community.

What People are saying about our products


Farhana Oberson

I love the Hibiscus Brightening Mask from Kamille Herbals as it leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and so much brighter. It is especially good for oily skin like mine.


Ibtisam, Fashion Blogger founder @hijabeefied and Tajeefied

I love Kamille Herbals packaging it looks really good and I’m so excited to finally own a product from Kamille Herbals.


This is Dida Fashion & beauty blogger & Youtuber, Nairobi.

I love! Love! Absolutely love! The Radiance boost elixir I’ve just run out of my bottle and I can’t wait to get my next one. It has helped my dry/ eczema skin heal and stay moisturized. A little does go a long way with this product; it gives my skin a glow and feels really soft. I fully recommend this product!


@Spoonfullofhoney Influencer and Youtuber, Nairobi

The Radiance Boost Elixir is by far the best face oil I have ever used, hands down! It has helped clear my dry skin and also helped clear acne scars.


@amarah_fashion, Beauty blogger/ youtuber and Make up brand owner

The hair boost is the best hair oil out there and I love the Hibiscus mask too helps the skin feel soft and appear clearer.


@aashuni, Free lance Make up Artist, Mombasa
The Hibiscus mask is bae, it helps to give a clear and flawless skin with less visible pores. If that’s what your looking for then go for Kamille herbals Hibiscus mask and use it once a week!


Happy Customers

Being a medical doctor, i wouldn’t even had the time to think about trying out products that aren’t pharmaceutical! I have been in and out dermatologists not only in Kenya but also India, spent lots of money on consultation fees and expensive skin products for my eczema…. What a waste of time! And one day i came across this product, I am happy to say i no longer have a flaky face! Alhamdulillah! Thanks alot.

Dr Mirfat Shatry

Absolutely in love with Kamille Herbals. Such beautiful and nourishing products. I’ve become kind of obsessed.

Aishah Rana

The Ghassoul clay is so amazing, I used it as a regular facial pack before my wedding and it cleared my face, and brightened it! I am definitely going to keep using it! I totally recommend Kamille Herbals.

Dr Samow

I’ve been using the Radiance Boost Elixir and it is amazing! I have such dry skin that everytime I put make up on with whatever primer it causes my skin to dry out and flake but, when I used the kamille Herbals Radiance elixir and then applied my make up it sat flawlessly. Even when I removed my make up my skin still felt soft, as if didn’t apply make up at all! Best product for sensitive eczema prone skin!

Hafsa Begum

The Radiance Boost Elixir has been a lifesaver. I have hormonal issues and had terrible dark flakey smile lines and chin area. I do not know if I’m imagining it but ever since I started using it my complexion has evened out and I’m actually fairer!

Nawal Khalfan

I love the Hibiscus Mask and i use it all over my body as a body scrub on a Sunday when i’m having a my me time. I also buy the chamomile & calendula balm for my daughter who has suffered from eczema for years, but she loves the balm as it soothes and relieves her skin, its also helping clear the eczema scars. I will always recommend Kamille Herbals.

Rukiya Ashraph

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