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Starting the year cleansing
Starting the year cleansing

The skin benefits a lot from regular detoxifying to remove impurities such as dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. Rhassoul...

Benefits of Nigela  Sativa (black seed) oil
Benefits of Nigela Sativa (black seed) oil

Before i go into the benefits of the black seed on the skin. I thought it would be beneficial to go over a few scientific...

Psoriasis Awareness
Psoriasis Awareness

What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune disease that is caused by acceleration of cells turn over. The symptoms...

Skin care routine
Skin care routine

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and has many functions for example, it protects us by providing a physical barrier...

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Actually i had never been used any facial masks before and when i was introduced to the kamille herbal ghasoul clay i was persistent to try it.. but believe me it was amazing after the first trial of the ghassoul clay facial, my face became more softened, clear and smooth from the first trial i am motivated to continue using the kamille herbal product.. So much thanks to you @kamilleherbals 
The Ghassoul clay is so amazing, I used it as a regular facial pack before my wedding and it cleared my face, and brightened it! I am definitely going to keep using it! I totally recommend them  
I absolutely love the Argan oil! Its amazing for my hair and the kiddies, thanks a lot.
Jawaher Timimi
Dr Samow
Chloe Langeveldt

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